Apr 7, 2021 • 59M

Ep. 110 - Monica Verma, CISO at Norwegian Directorate of Health

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James Azar
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In this episode of CISO Talk, James Azar hosts Monica Verma from the Norwegian Directorate of Health to talk all things cybersecurity but mainly to discuss the latest challenges in securing healthcare data in the aftermath of the pandemic and how she plans out her first 100 days. We also discuss leadership, her past as hacker and how over the last decade she has been crushing it as a cybersecurity activist and CISO…

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MonicaTalksCyber.com | Business CISO | Speaker | Hacker | Speaks 5 languages | Builds security to do things today we weren’t able to do yesterday | Twitter @MonTalksCyber | Website MonicaTalksCyber.com | Host: We Talk Cyber | OSPA Winner | Board Member CSA Norway | Steering Group Women In Cybersecurity OSPA Winner 2019 https://no.theospas.com/2019/09/19/the-winners-of-2019-norway-ospas-announced/ CISO and Head of Security, Risk and Business Continuity. Working towards supporting, enabling and protecting the financial sector in Norway. Objectives: 1. Helping businesses and society with security challenges and enabling them to use security towards innovation and their business goals. 2. Security that enables business to do things today that they were not able to do yesterday.

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